gather roses, today!

web roses

gather ye roses while you may
old time is still a-flying
and the same flower that blooms today
tomorrow will be dying.

live  now, believe me.
wait not till tomorrow.
gather the roses of life today!

So often we believe we must wait until some perfect, future some day…
when we lose the weight, when the kids are older,
when we have more money, when we retire from our job…
and THEN we can pursue our dreams,
enjoy our life, feel good about ourselves…

but the truth is, someday never comes.

As Ecclesiastes 11:4 NLT says,
“If you wait for perfect conditions,
you will never get anything done!”

We should appreciate, savor and give thanks
for our blessings, RIGHT NOW!
Right now,
while we are still fighting the battle of the bulge,
when the sink is full of dirty dishes
and there is a pile of laundry on the exercise machine,
and the dryer is broken and the budget is tight…
Right now,
in the midst of our astonishingly imperfect
but amazingly precious life -
we must embrace the beauty of each moment
and celebrate every single day.

That’s my deepest conviction and my life message.
And it’s the reason I put up this site…
to encourage you darling gals to stop putting your life on hold
and to remind you (and ME!) to notice all the sweetness and wonder of life

Love Y’all!
Terri Marie

2 thoughts on “gather roses, today!

  1. Lovely… The site is beautiful – the poetry is just lovely! God bless you as you love and encourage others with God’s promises of love and hope.

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