Bliss and Blessings-May 3, 2013

Hi! Sweet Things!

This week has brought many blessings,
large and small.
Here are just a few of mine.

holding emmy

snuggling my sweet grandarling, Emmy


a cold night and a warm fire in May

chocolate cupcake

a sugar free, healthy and YUMMY chocolate cupcake

titanic bracelet

my vacation souvenir – a bracelet with an authentic piece of coal from the Titanic


a honeysuckle cutting given to me by an elderly couple I deliver “Meals on Wheels” to

“Every good and perfect gift is from above and comes down from the Father…”
James 1:17

What about you?
I’d love for you to tell me about your Bliss and Blessings this week.
Write to me in the comment section of this post.

Love Y’all,
Terri Marie

One thought on “Bliss and Blessings-May 3, 2013

  1. Having my house full of kids last night and hearing their laughter. Realizing that even though Jay is gone he was still a man of many words! Every hymn he chose for his funeral had 5 verses each! Seeing Melissa smile and laugh at her birthday supper at On the Border last night! Hearing her babies call me Grammy Tammie and knowing that they are coming over for “family” night at Grammy Tammie and Grandpa D’s tonight! Being able to drive Kelli back to On the Boder this morning so she could pick up her keys….it gave me just that much more time with her before they had to leave for Nashville! There are so many…I could go on!

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